Our production plant wraps drainage pipes (flexible and fixed) with a filter consisting of loose fibres or preproduced mats at a speed of up to 40 m per minute. Drainage filters enhance water transportation and do not clog. Various synthetic and natural filter materials are used depending on the soil conditions present.

Drainage diameter: 50-400 mm
Filter materials: Polypropylene, coir, straw – loose fibres or preproduced mats


Bale Pre-Processing
(for highly compressed fibre bales)
The bale pre-processing unit loosens compressed fibre bales for the following bale opener unit. The bale opener output capability is variable and dimensioned according to individual customer demands.
draenagefilter faseraufbereitung
Blending Unit
The blending unit mixes distinct synthetic and/or natural fibres in the needed ratio.
draenagefilter mischvorrichtung
Fleece Laying Unit
The fleece laying unit puts an even fleece of adjustable thickness onto a backing fabric.
draenagefilter vliesleger
Drainage Wrapping Unit
The wrapping unit continuously spiral-wraps the drainage piping and thereby attaches the filter material firmly at high speed.
draenagefilter filterumwicklung
Roll-Up Unit
The roll-up unit rolls the wrapped flexible drainage piping up into compact roles with adjustable lengths from 25 to 1350 m.
draenagefilter aufwickelvorrichtung