This production line converts natural or plastic rods into mats used as sight protection or shadings. The profiles are individually stitched and glued together.

Working width: up to 4 m
Natural profiles: Willow, bamboo, reed
Plastic profiles: oval, square, elliptical, half round and round

Profiles Conveyor
The profiles conveyor delivers single rods to the stitching machine.
sichtschutz profilzufuehrfoerderband
Stitching Machine
The stitching machine uses yarn to connect the single rods.
sichtschutz steppmaschine
Glueing Unit
The glueing unit fixes the seams close to the sight protection mat curbs so they are not damaged when the mat is cut longitudinally later on.
sichtschutz klebeeinheit
Optional Accessories

To automatically insert the plastic profiles, a single feeding unit can be applied to the plant. This unit takes a single profile out of the magazine and transports it automatically into the plant.
To produce multi-colored mats, an automatic feeding and inserting unit can be applied to the plant.